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The View page is used to view previously scheduled reports.


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How do I select a report?

By default all the viewable reports are shown in a the table grouped by Category. Simply click on a report in the table to view it. If you want to list only reports within a particular Category, set the Category in the filter bar at the top of the page.

Once a report has been selected the latest version will be displayed. To view previous versions of the report, set the Time filter at the top of the page.

A report may consist of multiple sections. To view a single section, use the Section filter at the top of the page.

To return to the list of reports, change the Category at the top of the page to All.

Finally, you can use the Sentinel:Search>Report function to search for reports using keywords.

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Why are there no reports?

The View page only shows reports that have been previously run by the report scheduler. Check the Sentinel:Schedule page to see if any reports have been scheduled. If reports have been recently scheduled then they may not have been run yet and you will need to wait until they are run by the scheduler before you can view them.

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How can I print a report?

When viewing a report the two buttons, PDF and HTML provide access printer friendly versions of the report. Click on the PDF button to access the report in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). If you have a PDF viewer installed then it should automatically launch and display the report. You can use PDF viewer to print the report. Alternatively, you can click on the HTML to access a copy of the report without navigation bars. Use your web browser to print the report.

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How can I reschedule a report?

When viewing a report, click on the Edit Schedule button to reschedule the report. Alternatively, click on the Sentinel:Schedule tab at the top of the page to edit schedules for all the reports.

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How can I extract data from a report?

When viewing a report you will notice small TXT, HTML and possibly Image links below each chart and table in the report. Click on the TXT button to get a text version of the data (in comma separated value format). Click on the HTML link to access the data as an HTML table. Click on the Image button to access the the chart image.

Copy the URL associated with the data if you want to import data into other tools (such as Excel or Perl). If you were viewing the report with Time=Latest then the URL will always return the latest version of the data.

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