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The Status page displays status and performance information.


Are the data collection processes running?

The Data Collection line shows whether the data collection processes are Running or Stopped. If they are stopped you will not be collecting data and the other statistics on the page will be incorrect. Go to the Sentinel:File>Control page to start data collection.

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How many records is the data collector processing?

The following statistics describe the amount of data the data collector is processing:

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Are there any data sources that cannot be monitored?

The following statistics relate to devices where flow monitoring is configured using SNMP:

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What is the load on the server?

The following statistics summarize the load on the server:

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How many days of data are stored on the server?

The History Database line summarize the interval for which data is stored on the server.

Note: The size of the database is controlled by settings on the File>Configure page.

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What ports are being used to receive data?

The UDP and TCP ports that Traffic Sentinel is listening on for measurement data are listed at the bottom of the table. If you intend to use one of these measurement protocols, then you must ensure that any firewall on the server is configured to allow connections from your network devices to these ports. If you are using devices configured automatically via SNMP using the sFlow MIB, then the ports listed as Other Ports must be open too.

Note: If these port numbers need to be changed then they can be configured in the global.prefs file.

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