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Traffic Sentinel

Site Network Usage

Assign traffic to local groups.

Inter-Group Traffic

Total bytes on and off site by Group.

ZoneGroupWithin GroupOther Groups in ZoneOther ZonesOff Site
24 May, 00:00 - 25 May, 00:00
CloudDemo70.17 M0.0000.0002.130 G
Data CenterServers42.75 G7.928 G34.95 G0.000
Data CenterInternet0.00015.65 M241.6 M22.15 G
Data CenterHypervisors329.1 M7.912 G9.973 M0.000
HQOffice3.894 G0.00068.16 G4.978 G
RemotePiedmont0.0000.00033.11 G0.000
UnassignedPrivate0.0000.0005.446 M0.000